These are some of the social videos I have made which are tailored to online digital platforms...

Think and Do Camden - 4/2/20

This social video complemented my news package on the climate pop-up in Kentish Town, Think and do Camden.

It was published on the City TV News Instagram account and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

 © Abby Chitty 4/2/2020

How to Upcycle - Green is the New Pink

As part of my master's, a group of us started a social and digital page which we promoted on social media platforms and on our website. The theme was sustainable living, fashion and beauty.

I made this video as a tutorial on how to upcycle clothes rather than waste them by throwing them away.

 © Abby Chitty 6/4/2020

How to Upcycle No Sew - Green is the New Pink

After speaking to various people on online upcycling communities, it became clear to me that there was demand for tutorials that do not involve sewing. Therefore, I made this second episode to cater for these audiences.

 © Abby Chitty 13/4/2020

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